With over 60% of budgets wasted on the wrong strategy, as a SME it is even more important that you invest wisely.


If you are going to succeed at this, you really need to understand your customer's dilemma and how your products and services solve that. You also need to know your industry and the competitors around you. At so what consulting, we have worked direct in the industry, won business from the customers you are targeting and been answerable to our plans, so we have tried and tested experience.

Know your customer

Do you know your customer and how to target them? What are their pain points and how does your brand deliver what they want? You need to segment your customer base, build an identity for each subset and tailor your messages to them. A one size fits all approach will not work, The most successful marketing communications are those that are tailored to a customer's previous interaction with that brand. This is the start of your journey together and one that will grow their lifetime value.

A good marketing strategy is analytical and results driven, as well as being creative and engaging. A balance that is often difficult to achieve without the right knowledge. Your marketing strategy needs a joined up approach, targeting customers through a variety of channels.

Telling your story

Having defined your customer identity, we work with you to tell your brand's story, or plan the go-to-market plan, through results drive marketing activities. Delivering engaging marketing collateral and digital assets to promote your business to your customers.


Perhaps you are just launching your business and you haven't devised your brand identity yet. We can help with designing logos and defining your brand and style guidelines, including fonts, imagery, colours and even what writing style to maintain a consistent look and feel.

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